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mha represents the following Manufacturers,
predominantly for the Mining, Tunnelling and Resource Industries.

 CSE CORPORATION:  Manufactures portable gas detection and breathing apparatus. Their SRLD self contained oxygen breathing apparatus and their G4 series personal multi gas monitor are designed specifically to meet the demands of the mining industry. The same is true for their full range of accessory belts available with suspenders, and a variety of pouches.
 NIELSEN-KELLERMAN: Manufacturers of the world-famous KESTREL pocket environmental monitors. Available in several models to display/record airflows, temperature, pressure, relative humidity, heat stress index, dew point, wind chill and other environmental and workplace parameters.
 BROOKVILLE EQUIPMENT  CORPORATION: Manufactures rail and rubber tired haulage equipment; diesel and electric, for mining, tunnel construction, industrial switching, airport ground support and transit applications. Their design and engineering capabilities allow them to customize to each application.

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